“With our origins and professional heritage dating back to the 1930's, we at Buchler Phillips have pioneered forceful and articulate corporate recovery solutions for the benefit of our clients.”

Buchler Phillips

In 1935 Bernard Phillips joined his elder brother, Percy, to form Bernard Phillips & Company, an Accountancy practice that, by the 1950’s, represented to the business community of the West End, what Sir Kenneth and Norman Cork’s practice, Cork Gully, represented to the City.

During the 50’s and 60’s the ailing clothing industry had many casualties and few of its members escaped the benefit of the skills of the Phillips Brothers, two of the very first Company Doctors. Bernard’s enduring contribution was to motivate and encourage accountants specialising in insolvency practice to unite and form a new and distinct professional association. His determination to coordinate the skills of the next generation of practitioners was visionary. David Buchler and Peter Phillips, Bernard's son, both qualified as chartered accountants at Bernard Phillips & co. In David, Peter found a kindred spirit forming Buchler Phillips Limited in 1988; pioneering, forceful and articulate insolvency solutions and maintaining the legendary robust family tradition.

1995 - Buchler Phillips main sponsor
of the Bond Street bench.