Larry Jobsz

Larry commenced his accountancy career at Deloitte in 1989, where he spent 5 years working at the cutting edge of some extremely contentious insolvency projects in the Airline Industry, particularly in the Liquidation of Laker Airways Ltd. Prior to leaving Deloitte, he was responsible for compiling the statutory closure for Laker Airways Group of companies, part of which was governed by Jersey Law.

Since joining the corporate recovery firm Buchler Phillips (BP) in 1994, he recognised the need to establish solid internal disciplines in the area of compliance and crisis management for troubled companies and in 1996 set up a department that not only operated as an internal auditor and a safety net for the organisation, but also pro-actively progressed to logjam of insolvent estates to closure.

With a number of affiliates associated to BP, Larry recognises the enormous skills and international support available to the London practice and turned his attention to the beleaguered insurance industry. He instinctively identified and recognised a key strength at BP and that was its independence. With no recurring audit, tax or confliction Lloyds work he proceeded to lead BP in a number of high profile discussions with a number of re-insurance companies in the London Market.

Larry is currently at Buchler Phillips where he has been given the mandate to coordinate and deliver a number of projects.

Personal details:

  • Associate member of R3 (trade association – rescue, recovery & restructuring).
  • Sports – play rugby & cricket.